Rosen Method Bodywork


The goal of my work is to help create a sense of physical safety and inner nourishment for people who have experienced pain, medical procedures and hospitalizations, and other trauma that have undermined the sense of their body being their friend and their home.

I have been practicing the Rosen Method since 1980. The Rosen Method is a gently powerful bodywork approach to deepen personal growth. Listening to what your body is saying through its tensions and patterns is a skill you can learn. Whether you have spent years in psychotherapy or on the meditation cushion (or both, like me!), this work has a way of allowing you to weave together the strands of your intellectual insights about your life into embodied understanding, releasing long held patterns.

“The Rosen Method is distinguished by its gentle, direct touch. Using hands that listen rather than manipulate, the practitioner focuses on chronic muscle tension. As relaxation occurs and the breath deepens, unconscious feelings, attitudes, and memories may emerge.

The Rosen practitioner has been trained to notice subtle changes in muscle tension and shifts in the breath. S/he recognizes these as indications that the client is relaxing and becoming more aware of his/her body and internal experience. The practitioner responds with touch and words that allow the client to begin to recognize what has been held down by unconscious muscle tension.

As this process unfolds, habitual tension and old patterns may be released, freeing the client to experience more aliveness, new choices in life, and a greater sense of well-being.”

When I begin with a new client, our first session includes time for me to hear a bit about the story of your body, plus a hands-on session. I encourage people to think in terms of a minimum of three sessions, in order to let the process take root and begin to deepen.

I was invited to join the first official training group of Rosen Practitioners in 1980, completing my certification in 1982. I was trained by Marion Rosen, and her then assistants Louis Barrie and Sara Webb. Marion taught me that “relaxation is the gateway to awareness.” She stated, “This work is about transformation from the person we think we are to the person we really are.” This has been my personal experience and I have had the honor of watching transformations unfold in my clients over many years of practice.


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