Phone Consultations

As described by a client…

“The warmth in Kate’s voice invites the client to loosen a tight grip on anxieties about his or her condition. Kate is an intuitive, gently and respectfully sensing into areas and issues that the client may not have yet considered. She is an excellent listener, hearing not only the client’s words but the interior dialogue that generates the words. Her curiosity emerges from a desire to truly understand the dynamics of the situation, not from an intention to intrude or to compel a conclusion. It’s an open, safe and generous curiosity. She is glad to be corrected should she be off the mark. That allows both her and the client to make more a precise inquiry into the client’s somatic world. She demonstrates faith that the client can generate her or his own solutions or paths. Kate’s expertise is never presented as an ultimate authority but as a support to what the client is already seeking and finding.

I work with Kate to discover and then dissolve the emotional concerns accompanying a pattern of pain or holding the pain in place. I find her kindness and encouragement invaluable.”
~ Janet Zarem of Los Angeles, California

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