My Readers Say…

Finally a book worth the time to read and use. Too often, with the ongoing flood of New-Age strategies for self-help and self-healing, one is inundated by worthless clap-trap. This book is so insightful and thoughtfully written that it easily rises above the din, providing the reader with real options and real-life techniques not only to cope but to heal and flourish. Buy it! Read it! Put it to work and thrive! 5 Stars
~ Reader

This is a personal & unique book. Kate O’Shea shares her own journey as a backdrop to the importance of owning your recovery. The bulk of the book is specific techniques to recover the connection to your body and heighten your awareness of what is going own. A lot of brain research findings that had not come out when she wrote she seems to have anticipated or sensed. 5 Stars
~ Linda Sheehan, review

Recently your book was recommended to me for guidance in dealing with my hip pain. I was enthralled with your work and did not put it down until I had finished reading it. It reinforces my own personal belief in the ability of the body to heal.
~ a Boston Reader

I have just finished reading your book “Healing Hip, Joint & Knee Pain” and I wanted to write and thank you for writing it. I happened to come across it on some web site for hip joints many months ago. I found it so very encouraging, informative and just plain interesting.
~ a Seattle Reader

Reading Healing Hip, Joint, and Knee Pain helped me understand the impact and aftermath of knee surgery I had 20 years ago. Your book provides a road map through what was for me a confusing and frightening experience. I hope that health care providers will read it and share it with their patients.
~ Los Angeles Reader

The Health Professionals:

I would like to see this book recommended to every orthopedic patient after surgery, and it could enhance the quality of life for anyone suffering from orthopedic pain and disability.
~ The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients [full review]

Kate O’Shea is a pioneer in teaching us how the integration of medicine and self-knowledge can bring forth improved life and recovery. A beautiful and much needed book.
~ William Evans MD
author of The Roots of Healing are in the Earthh

How carelessly and often roughly we use our bodies, for the most part, and how often lacking we are in understanding what they are trying to tell us. Healing Hip, Joint, and Knee Pain does something to fill the gap so often left by a purely anatomical or surgical approach.
~ Oliver Sacks MD
author of Awakenings, Leg to Stand On…and many other wonderful books.

Healing Hip, Joint, and Knee Pain is a gem of a book that guides individuals in making the changes in their lives that contribute to their whole-being.
~ Barbara Dossey RN MS,
author of Holistic Nursing and Rituals Of Healing

Your book is a great addition to my library. So many need to hear the things you know. Thank you for writing it.
~ Patch Adams MD, The Gesunheit! Institute


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